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Most crime in our area is petty theft and property damage. Preventing crime is largely a matter of observing some basic guidelines:
  1. Know your neighbors!
  2. Lock doors & windows
  3. Keep garage doors closed
  4. Use lighting to deter crime
  5. Consider alarm systems and/or surveillance systems
  6. For cars outside your garage, keep cars locked and all loose items (not just valuables) out of sight. This includes visitors!
Our "Safe Sands" newsletter has useful information on ways in which residents can reduce the risk of being a crime victim.
There is no comprehensive source for crime reports in Palm Springs. The best way to get a handle on criminal activity (and nuisance crime) in Palm Springs is to look at these sources:
City Protect
The City of Palm Springs contributes some police reports to a website called City Protect that displays a map with various incident types which can be filtered by date. However, not all crimes reported to the Palm Springs Police show up on this website. Even if you witness a crime or are a victim of a crime and call the police to report it and the police show up, take a report, and give you a card with a report number on it; it will not technically be a crime report unless there is enough evidence to begin an investigation and will not appear on CrimeReports.
Nextdoor (signup required) is a private social network that is set up for neighborhoods across the US. There is a Nextdoor neighborhood group in Palm Springs called Melody Ranch which is where we live. This is a free subscription site that you can sign up for.
Among others, there are various postings in categories such as "For Sale and Free", "Real Estate", and "Crime & Safety". People report various crimes, share descriptions of shady characters, and safety tips on this website.
There is also a "Canyon Sands" group presumably including Canyon Sands residents and discussed issues, but there appears to be no way to join! Please email if you have any information about this.
Anecdotal Reports by Canyon Sands Residents
On an informal, occasional basis, residents of Canyon Sands report crimes or suspicious activity to the Canyon Sands HOA office:
Sharlene Pierce, CCAM
Association Manager
Ph:  760-328-5219
Fx:  760-328-1160
2269 Miramonte Circle West
Palm Springs, CA  92264
Currently, the most common type of crime in the general Melody Ranch area, of which Canyon Sands is part, seems to be property damage and petty theft crime. See steps 1-6 at the top of this page for the best way to protect yourself.
Contacting the Police
Call 911 for emergencies.
Please be prepared to give your location to the dispatcher including:
  • Address
  • Nearest cross street
  • Physical landmarks
Even if you are calling from a mobile phone, many police gps systems aren't sophisticated enough to pinpoint your location and may be off by many miles from your actual location.
Call 760-327-1441 for non-emergencies to Palm Springs Police Department.
Call 760-341-7867 to confidentially report a tip to Palm Springs Police Department.
Call 760-323-8105 to report vehicles persistently traveling at unsafe speeds or reckless driving on roads adjacent to Canyon Sands (Gene Autrey Trail, Seven Lakes Drive, Linden Way, Palm Canyon Drive).
Call 760-328-5219 to report an anecdotal incident to Canyon Sands Home Owners Association.
File a Police Report Online
Palm Springs Police
To file an online crime report, go to the Palm Springs Police Department website and click on the "Online Reporting" icon. Please understand that if there is little evidence or no followup by Palm Springs Police Department that the incident you reported will not be listed on