Neighbors' Recipes
Canyon Sands residents have been contributing their favorite recipes at the request of the Social Group over the past few months. The initial plan was to publish the recipes in a cookbook that could be sold to produce funds for social activities in the Canyon Sands complex. The Social Group is not a committee under HOA rules and is not part of the Association’s budget.
After careful consideration, the Social Group has decided to forgo the cookbook project due to the demands of publication preparation and printing charges. The project turned out not to be time or cost effective.
While a cookbook will not be printed, the Social Group will make the recipes available on the Canyon Sands website. “What’s Cooking in Canyon Sands” will appear as a regular feature with a few recipes from those submitted added periodically.
Thanks for the recipes and ideas that made it possible to explore the cookbook concept. The Social Group is especially appreciative of the efforts of Ro Fiorentino, an outside expert, who gave freely of her talent and time to explore all dimensions of the project.
Salads & Soups
Main Dishes
Vegetables & Side Dishes
Breads, etc.