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The Safety & Preparedness Committee is focused on enhancing Canyon Sands residents' everyday safety and preparedness in the event of an emergency. Please read our Mission Statement.
Our primary areas of focus are:
Emergency: We include earthquakes, fire, floods, and power outages as emergencies although most of our focus is on earthquake preparedness. We recently completed a helpful guide addressing how to be better prepared for an earthquake, fire or other emergency situations. We strongly encourage residents to read this important document and then print out a copy of this guide to share it with visitors and renters. We also have a printable map of your neighborhood and emergency preparedness zones.
Crime: Preventing crime is largely a matter of observing some basic guidelines. Our "Safe Sands" newsletter has useful information on ways in which residents can reduce the risk of being a crime victim. Here are postings of crimes in our area taken from the City of Palm Springs Crime Reports, the NextDoor website, and ancecdotal reports.
Traffic: Vehicles traveling at an excessive rate of speed in and around Canyon Sands can be hazardous to you whether you are on foot, on a bicycle or in a vehicle. The City of Palm Springs has a well documented procedure for addressing "Traffic calming" which is "the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior and improve conditions for non-motorized street users." The City of Palm Springs explicitly states: "Neighborhood input is essential". Please click on their link to find out how.
Over a period of 18 months, your Canyon Sands Home Owners Association Board took active steps to request the City of Palm Springs Traffic Department enact traffic calming measures on roads surrounding our community. To date, we have not been successful in resolving residents' concerns about traffic and speed in our neighborhood. 
Your support and involvement is needed to help induce the City of Palm Springs to enact traffic calming measures on the streets adjacent to Canyon Sands! If you have an interest in participating in identifying an effective solution to the safety issues caused by speed and traffic issues in our immediate community, please send an email to to start a conversation with other like-minded residents and to take action. While your participation as a committee member is welcomed and encouraged, it’s not necessary to be part of a working group to find a solution.
Resources: There are numerous resources on the Safety website including a video on shutting of your utilities in the event of an earthquake, maps of your emergency preparedness zones, and other important documents that you may find helpful.
Please Help Your Community by Volunteering as a Committee Member!
We need volunteers to get involved in your community to help make it a safer place to live. Please contact the HOA office or email if you'd like to explore volunteering with us to make a difference with yourself and your neighbors. 
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